Elite Athlete Products, Inc currently has 2 products; the Speedmaker and the NewGait. Our first product, The SpeedMaker, was conceptualized in 2014 by Benga Adeeko, a licensed professional engineer and former track & field standout. After completing his first season as a youth club track & field coach he sought out a way to help athletes train more effectively. Always a student of the sport, he gathered from his personal experience as well as research to identify the most impactful muscle groups responsible for sprinting. He then began developing a device that would target those muscle groups, without compromising running form. After six months of development, he presented the first SpeedMaker prototype to a fellow track coach and speed trainer who instantly loved the idea. It was at that point in which Benga knew he was onto something, and proceeded with developing the product.
The SpeedMaker is unlike a lot of similar products because we don't make a million promises. What makes the product unique is the simplicity. It is easy to use, understand, and implement into routine workouts. The SpeedMaker is designed exclusively for athletes with the goal of running faster.
By a stroke of luck, the NewGait was born out of sheer curiosity. A physical therapist by the name of Kim Spranger, saw how the SpeedMaker worked for athletes and envisioned that it could also help those with walking impairments. Ever since she put the device on her first patient in February of 2015, those with gait issues have been regaining their stride and confidence one step at a time.



Benga Adeeko

Benga Adeeko started his career in competitive sports in high school. With his high school times, he was able to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio and compete in college track and field. Benga earned top 5 all time at UTSA in the 60m dash before retiring from the sport to focus on his academics. He graduated from UTSA with a BS in mechanical engineering which landed him an aerospace engineering job in San Diego. Yearning to get back into the sport, Benga started coaching a local track club which inspired him to develop a tool that would help athletes train smarter and more efficiently. In 2015, he then embarked on a journey to not only gain knowledge but also put that knowledge to practice by obtaining his USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification, earning his Professional Engineering License, and starting development of the SpeedMaker

Jordan Strofaci

Jordan is the youngest of the co-founders, having recently earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Exercise Science from an accredited and nationally ranked, private, Christian, liberal arts college in 2015. Four years of learning and developing proven exercise science skills, coupled with competing in athletics at the collegiate level, gave Jordan a great desire and preparation to enter the sports industry. After graduating from San Clemente High School in San Clemente, California, Jordan earned athletic scholarships to compete in collegiate football as well as track and field, in which he received numerous athletic awards and honors. During his track and field career, Jordan earned 65 top ten place finishes. He also earned all-conference honors by finishing in the top 8 of the Great Plains Athletic Conference championships 10 times. And finally, Jordan was a 5-time NAIA national competitor, earning all-american honors twice by finishing 7th in the nation in the 2014 outdoor 4x100 meter relay, and finishing 7th in the 2015 outdoor decathlon. Jordan also currently holds the school records for the indoor heptathlon, outdoor decathlon, and outdoor 4x100 meter relay. Along with his responsibilities at Elite Athlete Products, Jordan is the head coach of track and field at Southwestern Community College in Creston, Iowa.