What does it do?

The SpeedMaker is a wearable resistance training device used by athletes for speed training. The device strengthens the muscles most responsible for sprinting. Here are some SpeedMaker exercises.

How does it work?

The SpeedMaker works by delivering targeted resistance using resistance bands without impairing an athlete’s natural running form. Watch some of our athletes in action here.

When and how would I use it?

The SpeedMaker can be used during practice or before competition. During practice the device should be thought of as a tool to compliment your workout, just like any other training device. But unlike any other training device, the SpeedMaker can be incorporated into just about any workout or warm-up because of its portable nature. Before competition the SpeedMaker can be worn during your warm-up to help prime and prepare your hip extensors.

How do I put it on?

We've created a series of videos showing you exactly how to put it on.

Is this just for track athletes?

No. Speed is universal and any athlete who wishes to run/sprint faster can benefit from the SpeedMaker. It's also used in physical therapy to recover from injuries. See some examples of injury rehab here.

When and where can I buy it?

The SpeedMaker is currently sold here on our recently launched online store.

What age/level athlete is it for?

The SpeedMaker comes in three different sizes to accommodate athletes as young as 8 all the way through adults. Sizing is based on thigh and waist dimensions, chest circumference, and height. See our size chart here.

What is it made of?

The SpeedMaker is manufactured from high quality neoprene; the same material wetsuits are made from. This allows for an elastic yet strong material that is comfortable on the skin.

Are the elastic bands replaceable?

Yes, the elastic bands are interchangeable and offered in 4 different resistance levels. Purchase replacement elastic bands here.