Benefits of performing straight leg bounds

Straight leg bounds have proven to be an essential drill in speed development for runners and sprinters of all distances. This drill teaches the athlete how to generate explosive power in the hips, using the glutes and hamstrings to apply force into the ground through hip extension. Research has shown that the hamstrings and glutes, which are responsible for the action of hip extension, are the main force developers for producing horizontal propulsion. Meaning they are the most important muscle groups utilized during acceleration, top speed, and even distance running. So it is imperative that athletes train the hip extensors. Performing straight leg bounds with the SpeedMaker has the added benefit of providing resistance to the action, without inhibiting the proper technique. This will allow for isolated strength training of these muscle groups. And as we know, stronger glutes and hamstrings correlate directly to faster sprint times as well as decreased chance of injury. Please view the video below, in which I demonstrate the drill and further describe the benefits of performing it with the SpeedMaker. Thank you for visiting the SpeedMaker blog, please comment with thoughts, questions, or drills and exercises that you would like to see in the future.

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