Importance of Healthy Diet

What is a Healthy Diet?

Everyone around us advises us to eat healthy food. But do you know what exactly a Healthy or Balanced Diet is?

In case you don’t know, a healthy or balanced diet is a diet that contains all the essential nutrients to keep your body functioning correctly. It doesn’t mean that if you are eating more, your diet is a healthy one. You might be eating something that does not contain enough nutrients that are essential for your body.

How does diet affect our body?

Like a car needs fuel to run, our body needs substances or nutrients to keep itself healthy. Our body absorbs whatever we eat. Then it uses the nutrients present in the diet for gaining energy and other purposes.

If you are taking a healthy diet, that’s good. But if you are taking an unhealthy diet, there’s a problem. For example, your muscles get affected when you don’t consume enough proteins. If you are taking a diet that contains excessive fat/cholesterol, this extra fat can cause severe diseases like Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), Stroke, etc.

So you need to consider two things. First, you should take a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients. Secondly, you should take a diet that has everything balanced.

Benefits of Healthy Diet

Now when you know what a healthy diet is, you must also understand why a healthy diet is vital for your body. Here are some most common benefits of a healthy diet that you should be aware of:

  • A healthy diet keeps you energetic, i.e., full of energy
  • It improves your mood.
  • It boosts your immune system, which means that you are less prone to developing diseases.
  • It reduces the risk of heart and gut diseases.
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes. If you have diabetes, a healthy diet helps to keep your blood glucose under control.
  • It helps in keeping reasonable control of your body fat.
  • It improves your memory

These are a handful of benefits, and the list is very much longer.

Which diet should I follow?

Every one of us is different, and we all have different body compositions. Some are tall; some are short. Some have muscle bulk, while some are slim and smart. Gender differences also play a role in body composition.

Due to these differences, everyone needs a diet that matches his/her body’s needs. Based on these facts, giving a diet plan that suits everyone is impossible, but we can tell you some essential components of a healthy diet.

There are seven essential components of a healthy diet. These are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber, and water. While considering a diet, you should be cautious of these components.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy diet includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains (millet, oats, wheat, brown rice), nuts, etc.

One should be cautious about using sugar and fats in his/her diet. These are essential components of a healthy diet. Excess of these components can cause several problems.

We should take care of our body and diet because: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

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