Business Operations & Marketing Intern

We are hiring a Business Operations & Marketing Intern to assist in various business functions


  • Assisting the CEO in outreach and follow-up correspondence with customers & clinicians 
  • As an Intern, you will be a jack of all trades doing everything from driving strategic projects to optimizing our operations
  • Respond to customer support questions and issues sent via email or social media messages
  • Oversee small projects
    • Ex. Create a lead magnet, Website changes/upkeep, social media decisions


  • Must be located in the San Diego, CA area
  • Strong background in Physical Rehabilitation and/or Bioengineering 
  • Understanding of human biomechanics
  • Strong follow-through, time management, attention to detail, and reliability
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong desire to learn and contribute to an evolving and fast growing company
  • Can-do, proactive and positive, collaborative demeanor
  • Can think at the micro and macros levels demonstrating both attention to detail and strategic thinking
  • A self-starter personality (yet can ask questions when appropriate!)
  • A trustworthy and dependable nature
  • Being receptive to feedback, and showing eagerness to learn and grow
  • Previous work/internship experience in marketing or business fields is a plus


  • General tech savviness (must know your way around modern technology)

Expected Time Commitment:

  • 8-10 hours per week


  • Compensation: $16.30/ hr
  • Culture: We are fun savvy, hard-working, and we don’t take life too seriously…other than the quality of our work 🙂 We care about you and your career success.
  • Flexibility: You’ll have flexible hours and opportunities to flex your creative muscles.
  • Growth: If you want to grow, you can grow with us…show us that you can run with this job and we’ll give you more hours and responsibilities!

How to apply:

NewGait is an excellent place to advance your career if you are dedicated and ambitious! Imagine working side-by-side with industry leaders in your field of study. Imagine building upon the skills you’ve learned in the classroom with professionals who are passionate about restoring hope one step at a time. If you’d like to apply, please email your resume to info2(at)

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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