Foot Drop Home Bundle (Bilateral)


The Foot Drop Home Bundle (Bilateral) is an all-in-one bundle for anyone that needs everyday dorsiflexion assistance on both legs.


This bundle includes:


The Foot Drop Home Bundle (Bilateral) is an all-in-one bundle for everyday dorsiflexion assistance at home.


  • 2 pairs of Limb Straps (Extra Small & Small)
  • 2 Dorsiflexion V-Anchors
  • 4 Elastic Bands: 2 Light (Yellow) & 2 Medium (Red)
  • 2 Shoe Anchors

The NewGait can accommodate and assist a wide array of individuals. Benefits found in physical therapy have been in the areas of improved gait, posture, balance, and core stabilization. This has led us to redesign a new product for use in the physical therapy space called the NewGait. This is accomplished by elastic bands offering unparalleled assistance to both hip flexion and dorsiflexion, allowing for increased stride length as well as stride frequency. It’s comfortability and portability makes it a great tool during your sessions at the clinic, or activities of daily living around the house.

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