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Chronic Pain Talk With Cathy Ruprecht

NewGait CEO, Benga Adeeko, had the opportunity to ask Cathy Ruprecht, PT, NewGait Clinician, and pain specialist, a number of questions regarding the treatment of chronic pain, and how The

Kathy Tooman and Jozie Weiler Discuss “Miraculous” Experiences with the NewGait

Kathy Tooman & Jozie Weiler Video Interview Watch the video version here. Kathy Tooman, PT & Jozie Weiler, DPT discuss their “Miraculous” experiences with the NewGait. Moderated by Benga Adeeko

Dr. Stephen Kanter, Director of Rehab Services at the IMSMP, has an ambitious vision for the NewGait.

Dr. Stephen Kanter has a vast resumé and is an avid NewGait Fitter at the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice where he is the Director of Rehab Services. In the

Phuong Vu, PT at the Rehab Institute of Michigan (RIM), tells us about her, “Positive results,” with the NewGait.

Phuong Vu was an early believer in the NewGait. She has been using the NewGait at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan for more than two years, ever since a patient

Terry Tripp, Physical Therapist and Co-Owner of UP Rehab Services (Marquette, MI) tells us how the NewGait has made an impact in his clinicis.

Russ and Terry Tripp were some of the earliest NewGait adopters during its transition from sports performance to healthcare. They believed in the NewGait from the beginning, and now have

Kim Spranger tells us her story of discovering the NewGait

Kim Spranger Discovers the NewGait Watch the video version here. Kim Spranger tells us her story as the first therapist to ever use the NewGait. BENGA: Thank you everyone for