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UCSF Rosenman RISE Welcomes the 2024 Next Generation of Health Innovators | Published March 26, 2024

San Francisco, CA — Benga Adeeko is part of the 2024 RISE Cohort, a group of health tech entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. These innovators are set to receive tailored mentorship through UCSF’s extensive network, focusing on their unique solutions and perspectives in healthcare.

Michigan doctoral student testing new device for Parkinson’s gait

by Mary Chapman | | Published March 01, 2024

A doctoral student at Central Michigan University is researching the effectiveness of NewGait to improve walking for people with Parkinson’s disease.

UP physical therapy patients celebrate NewGait

By Annette Giachino | | Published November 11, 2023

The article discusses how NewGait has helped individuals like Julie Vallier, diagnosed with Friedrich’s Ataxia, to walk again.

Show Your Receipts Episode 9 w/ Benga Adeeko, CEO of The NewGait

Published November 11, 2023

In this Show Your Receipts episode, Tony sits down with the CEO of The NewGait. Benga is a professionally licensed engineer originally from Texas, and now resides in San Diego, California. Benga shares his receipts on how his passion for health and wellness accidentally led him to launching a company in the physical rehabilitation industry. He also shares many of his early struggles as a student, and entrepreneur.

Meet the JSF Fall 2022 Cohort! | Published December 06, 2022

Jumpstart Foundry has announced its final cohort for 2022, adding 17 new companies to its portfolio, bringing the total to 35 for the year. The cohort includes a diverse range of healthcare-focused startups including NewGait.

PM&R Researchers to study a new, non-powered, wearable gait rehab device for stroke rehabilitation | Published October 27, 2022

The research involves developing a stroke-specific version of the NewGait® system, incorporating end-user feedback and musculoskeletal modeling, with the goal of creating an evidence-based rehabilitation system to improve post-stroke gait and aid millions of stroke survivors globally.

Know Stroke Podcast S1E6 Interview with Benga Adeeko CEO and Co-Founder of New Gait

Published June 27, 2021

In this Know Stroke podcast, We get you caught up on the latest stroke science, worldwide community support collaborations and interview top researchers and health care experts in the field. We also invite all stroke thrivers to join us so together we can share success to help you manage your own condition and maximize your true rehabilitation potential and preventive care.

One year later, helicopter crash survivor discusses learning to walk again, life after incident

By Shirah Matsuzawa | | Published December 28, 2020​

Boise, Idaho — After surviving a helicopter crash, Valentine is slowly but surely regaining her ability to walk. The now 26-year-old is able to walk almost two and a half miles.

Woman injured in helicopter crash that killed her father gets device meant to help her walk again

By Shirah Matsuzawa | | Published June 20, 2020​

BOISE, Idaho — Eight months ago, a helicopter crash in Malheur County killed a man and injured his daughter. Now, after fracturing her spine and losing control of muscles in her legs because of nerve damage, she is learning to walk again with the help of a San Diego-based company, NewGait.

NewGait inventor and CEO, Benga Adeeko, is featured on The Best Morning Routine, Ever! Podcast​

By Lunide Louis | | Published March 23, 2020​
In her podcast, Dr. Lunide Louis chats with entrepreneurs discussing effective morning routine tips and how healthy morning habits have contributed to their success. Benga Adeeko reflects on his morning routine as well as the NewGait origin story.

NewGait Brings New Opportunities for Physical Therapy

By Nicoel Buchmann | |
Published November 7, 2017

Gwinn (WLUC) – With one step at a time, Scott Weiser is on his long road to recovery after a car accident and multiple sclerosis has limited his mobility. However, with the NewGait device, Weiser’s steps are much smoother.

NewGait Inspires New NMU Study

By Nicole Buchmann | | Published November 8, 2017
Gwinn (WLUC) – Almost two years ago, a 12 foot fall onto concrete left Emily DeVooght with a major spinal cord injury, limiting her mobility. Emily is now walking and running on her own. She gives credit to the Speed Maker, an athlete geared device, for her fast recovery.

SpeedMaker Innovation Helps Marquette County Woman Regain the Ability to Walk

By Wil Hunter | | Published July 6, 2016
Gwinn – “My biggest goal was to run, and Dr. Coccia, my surgeon, said — I live on a dairy farm — he said ‘You’re never going to be able to chase cows again’ and I said, ‘I bet you I’m going to be, I’m going to be running.”

Emily's Recovery | ABC 10 Feature

By Charles Coccia | | Published July 21, 2016
Skandia – One woman has defied the odds after a fall on her family’s farm in Michigan left her paralyzed. Hoping to get back to her passion for farming, she has pushed the limits of her recovery, surpassing all expectations.
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