SpeedMaker innovation helps Marquette County woman regain ability to walk

Gwinn - "My biggest goal was to run. And Dr. Coccia, my surgeon, said --I live on a dairy farm --he said 'You're never going to be able to chase cows again' and I said, 'I bet you I'm going to be, I'm gonna be running."

After a month of more traditional rehab, Spranger's son showed her the SpeedMaker, a device initially developed by Benga Adeeko of Elite Athlete Products Inc. to improve performance in sprinting.

By Wil Hunter |
Published 07/06 2016 06:33PM  Updated 07/07 2016 11:54AM

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SpeedMaker Takes Training To The Next Level

The SpeedMaker is one of a kind. One of the things that I like about the design of the SpeedMaker is that it looks and feels like something a professional athlete should wear and use when in training at all times.

The first time I tried on the SpeedMaker, as an aspiring track and field sprinter, I felt like I could take on the fastest guys in the world. I just felt like I had a complete boost of confidence. When I took off the very light athletic harness, I still felt like I still had it on.

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June 24, 2016