How to Fix Curled Toes: 6 Treatment Options That Work!

How to Fix Curled Toes

As every human being is same yet different from each other in form of shape, skin, height and other characteristics, so is our toes. Our toes are supposed to be flat and flexible against ground so they move and spread openly. They help us in walking and balancing on ground. However, curled toes are toes curling inwards or bending downwards. This condition is painful and should be treated timely before it gets worse. However, there are many causes that lead to your toe curling inwards. To treat the following condition, it is important to know the symptoms and causes for the condition as lifestyle, shoes and different things affect our feet.


The types of deformed curled toes are as following.

The abnormal bend exists in the last joint of the toe which is closer to toe nail.

It has a bend that is abnormal in the middle joint toe. In this deformity, the second toe is the most affected. The reason why it’s called hammer toe is because it resembles the hammer as the toe is curling inward.

Claw Toe

The abnormal bend exists in the middle and last joint of a toe which is closest to the toe nail. It can also be due to your feet’s weakened muscles. This can affect your one or more than one toes.


There are different causes that can lead to your toes curling inwards. Root cause can be imbalance of muscles in digits. The toes become stuck initially flexibly and then rigidly, as the muscle that straightens them becomes too weak to oppose its partner. Other reasons are as follows;

Misfit shoes

Wearing shoes that are either too tight or does not fit properly leads to stress on your toe muscles that must be straight and relaxed. Tight shoes can squeeze and bend the toe. Moreover, wearing heels also put pressure on your toes which can cause this condition.

How to Fix Curled Toes
How to Fix Curled Toes

High Obesity

Severe obesity causes pressure on toes causing strain on toe muscles. A study reveals that obesity with men is cause of claw toe. 


  1. Genetics
  2. Toe injuries

A severe foot injury can cause your toe to curl inward.

Other reasons for curled toes are strokes or nerve damage, arthritis and diabetes that can cause systematic conditions and many more. However, curled toes should be treated as it can lead to complications, difficulty and pain in mobility.

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The treatment for the condition can be as follows;

Fit Shoes

Buy shoes that are comfortable and perfect fit. Make sure the shoes are not tightly fitted so they put pressure on any toe muscle. Moreover, avoid high heels so it does not cause stress on toes and make the condition worse. It is important to wear good supportive shoes in this condition to prevent it from getting worse. Moreover, you can also use roomy shoes that will help in straightening up your toe as they will give a room for your toes to wiggle. Shoes with bigger toe space will help in such conditions.


The better way to treat curled toes are exercising at home or in any Rehab. There are certain stretches that must be added to your routine in order to deal with your toes that are curling inwards.

Toe Lift

Toes should be raised off the ground and lower and this should be repeated 10-20 times. If you can’t move the toe in the beginning, don’t worry and take it slow and start with slight movement.  


Stretch your toes

Try to stretch your curled toe as much straight as you can and hold for 5 seconds. If it is painful, try short repetitions and gradually increase reps.

Marble Pickups

Place few marbles on floor and try to pick them up with your toes. It is going to be challenging so you can for assistance.

Towel curl

A towel must be placed on ground and try to scrunch it with your toes. If you can’t do it properly in the first place, it’s okay, you will be better with practice and time.

Use of Splints

Use any orthopedic device that will help in keeping your curled toe in a straightened positioned with either a toe wrap, toe straighteners or any device. If you get catch on the curled toe in initial stage, you can get it straight with a tape or splint. Moreover, toe separators can help in reducing the pain.



If any of the treatment does not help and it gets worse or permanently curled, then surgery is the only option to get your toe straight in position. The doctor can provide better details considering your condition to relieve your pain.


Curled toes can be treated by adopting a particular lifestyle in which you wear comfortable shoes and do home treatments as mentioned above. These initial care steps can save your toe from going towards a surgery procedure. However, if the toe is curled inwards permanently then surgery is the only option left.


The details regarding the surgery will be advised by the doctor according to your condition. Toes are a crucial part of our body since they help us in running, walking and mobility so if they are disturbed, it can be a problem. It also leads to painful consequences like blisters, severe pain and difficulty in mobility.


This condition should not be ignored since it can get worse rather it should be treated properly. If it is not treated timely, it can affect other toes as well and deform them. So in order to save your toe from getting to the worst condition, try to catch it up in initial stage before the inward curled toe becomes permanent and starts affecting other toes. It is better to catch it up before it’s too late.  


Learn about the various types of curled toes, and what cause them. Explore the various treatment options available.




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