14 Gifts for Stroke Patients to Help with Recovery

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Caring for stroke patients is often a difficult and trying experience. Struggling with physical, cognitive, or speech deficits requires long-term commitment and dedication on the part of loved ones to help promote recovery. If you’re looking for ways to provide practical assistance, consider gifting meaningful items that can improve daily life during post-stroke rehabilitation. Here are 14 beneficial gifts for stroke patients that will not only bring comfort but also potentially increase their recovery rate — from safety aids to recreational items that help pass the time.

Top Gift for Stroke Patients

The most thoughtful presents for stroke survivors don’t cost a lot of money. Even just a little token of your concern and sympathy can go a long way toward easing a loved one’s burden. Here are some low-key but thoughtful presents to give to someone who has recently suffered a stroke:

Leg Lifter


A leg extender is an excellent investment if someone you care about is a wheelchair user or has trouble moving their legs. Extreme limb stiffness can challenge even simple tasks like moving into and out of bed. Also, if you’re shopping for a present, bear in mind that a thigh riser requires considerable upper body power.

Percussion Massage Device

There may be a role for percussion stimulation tools in post-stroke rehabilitation. Before purchasing a pulsating massage device for your loved one, talk to their practitioner about the possibility of using one.


Even though percussion massage tools are intended to assist with muscular pain, the stimulus and feeling they provide may also aid in post-stroke rehabilitation. Muscles will receive more oxygen and nutrients thanks to the tremor, and the brain will receive a jolt of stimulation from the sense messages it transmits throughout the body.

essential oils

Essential Oils

One-third of stroke survivors experience sadness, and studies suggest jasmine essential oil can help. This is a practical and comforting present for people with a stroke. Along with the essential oils, a nice addition could be a vaporizer for your loved one’s home.

Disposable Earplugs

Stroke victims may become overwhelmed by excessive background noise. Those close to them have benefited from these earbuds during their rehabilitation. They’re soft and pliable, and you can wear them over and over again. The purpose of these earbuds is to shield your loved one’s ears from noise while also facilitating a restful night’s slumber. These earbuds have a sealed container and are simple to use.

Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream

People with stroke frequently experience irritation and discomfort. The ointment contains a high concentration of healing ingredients such as Arnica, B12, and MSM are all present. (DMSO). There is less discomfort and irritation with the addition of these substances.


The lotion has a pleasant fragrance and is non-greasy. It can be put to good use on just about any part of the body, including the back, neck, leg, hand, shoulder, foot, etc. When applied topically, the ointment relieves soreness without scorching or chilling. This present aid the speedy and secure recovery of stroke patients.

Gifts for Stroke Patients

Netflix Gift Card

It is essential to take care of a stroke patient’s emotional and bodily health. They can unwind and take some time for themselves with a Netflix gift card. It allows them to watch numerous different programs, films, and videos. When it comes to streaming services, this one is among the most user-friendly and inexpensive options out there.


They have access to a wide variety of shows and movies at their convenience. It’s a wonderful means of keeping them amused and taking their minds off their suffering. If someone you care about is recovering from a stroke and wishes to stay in touch with the outside world, this is the ideal present.

Gifts for Stroke Patients

Speech Therapy Subscription

Does someone you care about have trouble with communication, recall, or other mental processes? You could benefit greatly from the assistance of a speech therapist; however, even if you were to give a few lessons, this would not guarantee regular access to treatment. Here’s where stroke rehabilitation applications can make all the difference!


A Speech & Cognitive Therapy App typically provides access to more than 100,000 tasks that aid in regaining speaking and cognitive function after a stroke. It’s a fantastic tool for keeping your loved one involved in speech therapy between appointments.

Bed Assist Bar

Bed help bars like this one are ideal for assisting people who have suffered a stroke to get into and out of bed. The bed frame can be adjusted to the desired height. Pockets provide convenient access to frequently used things like remote controls and novels. This safety rail can be attached to the bed on either side with minimal effort.


The bed rail is also height-adjustable so that it can be set to the ideal level for both you and the other person. This inexpensive yet practical present will make it much simpler for a hospitalized or housebound stroke sufferer to get in and out of bed. In addition, those who use wheelchairs would appreciate receiving such a useful present.

Book Holders

With that in mind, some hardwood book carriers may be helpful for your loved one who has difficulty holding books due to hand weakness following a stroke. However, it is in everyone’s best interest to inform relatives and friends that bookkeepers are forms of remuneration. Since they offer a “quick fix” to complete an activity, such as reading, they do not promote healing.


However, it is essential to remember that consistent treatment and retraining are the best methods to ensure that healing continues even after receiving compensation, mainly if it enhances the quality of life. So, to rephrase, tell your loved one to take their time using the book stand but to keep up with their hand rehabilitation activities.

10. Adaptive Utensil Set

Patients recovering from a stroke experience many difficulties in their daily lives during therapy and afterward. Eating on one’s own presents a significant task. With hand trembling, rheumatism, or Parkinson’s in mind, this cutlery set was created.


The tools have comfortable, nonslip handles that are neither weighted nor coated so that you can use them confidently. You get a knife, slider knife, fork, and two utensils, all made of stainless steel. Anybody looking to aid a loved one’s rehabilitation would be well served by giving them this.

Gifts for Stroke Patients

11. Hospital Socks


Have you heard that getting up and moving around immediately after a stroke is crucial? So when a doctor or nurse gives the go-ahead for your loved one to leave the bed, it’s important to urge them to do so while also reminding them to take precautions.


These nonslip medical socks are a thoughtful gesture because they may not have the power in their limbs to put on footwear, but they still need to keep their feet toasty and comfortable.


All over the bottom is a non-slip material, so you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling. In addition, the pair of slipper socks are so soft and lightweight that your loved one can wear them to bed for additional comfort anytime.

12. MusicGlove Hand Therapy

It’s irritating when hand mobility is the last function to resume after a stroke. Regular hand movements can get dull and routine after a while. Luckily, a gadget called MusicGlove can be used as a hand workout to help enhance hand performance in as little as 2 weeks. It’s a luxury stroke rehabilitation device, and it can be a great present because it provides entertainment and enjoyment for the person receiving it.

13. Electrical Stimulation Device

Research says that stroke patients’ movement skills recover quicker when therapeutic exercise combines with electrical stimulus. Gifting them electronic stimuli can help them go the additional mile in their rehabilitation if they are already exercising at home. If you decide to purchase this for them, please advise them to consult with a counselor first so they may be advised on proper precautions.

14. Subscription to Meal Delivery

Patients with stroke who don’t eat well significantly slow their rehabilitation. Good nutrition is necessary for both brain and bodily restoration and healing. Cooking at home is a fantastic method to get nutritious meals. However, some individuals may find it challenging to operate a motor vehicle, let alone shop for food in a food store.


Subscribing to food transportation services can be extremely helpful. In addition to the items you need, they will also send you the recipes you can use. This alleviates the burden of going to the shopping store and enables survivors to concentrate on making nutritious meals.


Don’t give a membership food service that involves preparing if you know your loved one has difficulty with hand disabilities and they don’t feel confident in the kitchen. When you have limited motion in your hands, preparing can be a chore instead of a pleasure. Instead, think about what your family member or friend is capable of.

Take Away

It’s natural for friends and family members to want to help someone they care about who has suffered a stroke, which can drastically alter a person’s quality of life. What follows is a list of present ideas for stroke victims and some cautions about what not to get them. The recipient of your present will appreciate the effort that went into it.


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