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Multiple Sclerosis

Scott Weiser

With one step at a time, Scott Weiser is on the road to recovery after a car accident and multiple sclerosis limited his mobility. With the NewGait, Scott is making great strides.

MaryEllen Grage

Multiple Sclerosis has nearly immobilized MaryEllen with foot drop and balance/stability difficulties. She believes that with The NewGait, she can walk normal again.

Katie Thibeau

The NewGait changed Katie's life, but it changes the lives of her children even more. Katie had nearly lost hope of partaking in even the most simple activities with her children. Until she found the NewGait.

Carrie Salma

Carrie had struggled with mobility due to multiple sclerosis. See the improvements she's made with the NewGait.

Rebecca Houghton

Her story is one of the most incredible that we have been a part of yet. At the age of 25, Rebecca had a grand mal seizure and was in a coma for 6 months. Upon waking, she was diagnosed with progressive MS and paralyzed on the left side of her body. You will have to see it to believe it.

Spinal Cord Injury

Jordan Valentine

In October 2019, a helicopter crashed in Eastern Oregon, killing a man and injuring his daughter. Now, after fracturing her spine and losing control of the muscles in her legs because of nerve damage, she is learning to walk again with the help of her physical therapist and a San Diego-based company, NewGait.

Emily Devooght

Emily is the reason the NewGait exists today. She was the first patient ever treated using it after suffering a traumatic spinal cord injury in 2015. Check out her story.

Emily Devooght Pt. 2

In the summer of 2017, we had the opportunity to reconnect with Emily 18 months after her accident. See how she is doing today.

Post-Op Recovery

Dave Vorhes

Check out a quick but powerful testimony from NewGait user, Dave Vorhes. Dave wanted to improve his gait and accelerate his recovery after a hip replacement. Hear about his success after just a few short weeks.

Judy Watson-Olsen

Judy struggled with foot drop due to a knee replacement and a subsequent quadricep injury. After she was recommended the NewGait as a foot drop assistance device, she knew she had to get one for herself!

Rodney Rodgers

Rodney is 80 years old and still walks 2-3 miles and cycles 30-40 miles EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Even after being hit by a hit-and-run driver, after which he had to learn how to walk again.

Barbara Stenberg

Barbara struggled for years with foot drop after suffering peripheral nerve damage from back surgery. Falling numerous times because she could not lift her toe while walking. The NewGait has been able to improve her mobility and decrease her risk of falling.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Mike was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted multiple leg and foot fractures. The NewGait was able to help him on his road to recovery and return to work as a farrier.

Lewis Verbell

Lewis decided to rehab with the NewGait for an accelerated recovery from a total right knee replacement. Listen to his encouraging experience.

Mary Lou Hoig

Mary used the NewGait to accelerate post-op recovery. Watch her short testimony on her experience with the NewGait.

Mitochondrial Disease

Heidi Berglund

Heidi has a mitochondrial disease that makes everyday activities painful. Watch how the NewGait has helped her.

TrAumatic Brain Injury

Jamie Malone

For 8 years Jamie searched for a solution. Eventually her therapist told her not to come back because nothing worked. Then she tried the NewGait.

Dave Wolbers

Dave, a US Veteran, was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident resulting in a TBI and multiple fractures. In this video Dave, and his wife, describe how the NewGait is helping to bring a sense of normalcy to their lives.

Cerebral Palsy

Toni Rae

As an adult with Cerebral Palsy, Toni has dealt with debilitating hip pain most of her life. She had nearly lost hope of living without pain until she found the NewGait. Watch her inspirational story.

Henry Ellis

Henry was born premature at 31 weeks and as a result has cerebral palsy. Watch Henry make strides with the NewGait adjusted for pediatrics.

Chronic Pain

Jill McDermott

Jill McDermott is the inventor of Eagle ProSix, an equine body wrap used for training and rehabilitation made of elastic that connects your horse front-to-back and side-to-side. Sound Familiar? This is the equivalent to the NewGait, but for animals. Jill has lived with back problems and chronic pain, until she tried the NewGait.

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