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Receive Your NewGait

After completing our online form, you will receive the password for the clinician portal. A trained NewGait clinician will also contact you for a brief meeting, and the NewGait will be sent to you.

Online Training

The webinar training includes hands-on practice, best performed with a patient or volunteer clinicians from your group. Conversational format with live demos and Q & A, all scheduled at your convenience.

Restore Hope

Return or purchase the NewGait and watch your outcomes and referrals improve.

NewGait Trial Device

Our trial program is for clinicians who are interested in adopting the NewGait for clinical use. The trial lasts for 30 days and includes online training. We cover all shipping costs, even if you decide to return it!

Trust the Numbers

Clinical Study on NewGait Effectiveness in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Faster Walking Speed


Participants increased their walking speed enough to characterize them as independent in activities of daily living.”

Improved Step Length


All 12 participants became more symmetrical in their gait, as specified by step length.”

Less Percieved Effort


Participants were able to walk faster with less effort.”

Ready to Restore Hope?

Get your free functional gait assessment Form

Use this form to track and monitor your patients’ progression. We incorporate several well known tests into one easy to use form: TUG, Single Leg Balance, 10 m Walk Test, Sit to Stand, and more. This convenient form can be used with or without the NewGait device.

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