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That extra pair of hands you have been looking for.


The original NewGait Clinic model is an all-in-one bundle for clinics, rehab professionals, and traveling physical therapists. It includes all of the components in various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of users.


This program is for clinicians who are interested in adopting the NewGait for clinical use. The trial lasts for 30 days and includes online training.


We partnered with PESI to develop a CEU course.

When you have a patient that is just not responding to treatment, it can make you feel hopeless.

Imagine the gratification you’ll feel after you have restored mobility and independence!

The NewGait for Rehab Professionals​

Participate in our FREE 30-day trial program. It is as easy as…

  • Fill out Clinical Trial Form.
  • Watch Online Training Videos.
  • Restore Hope.

Clinicians, do you
identify as a "neuro" therapist? treat neuro patients?

Our friends Erin and Claire have created this group to transform healthcare by helping every neuro professional gain clinical excellence, become business savvy and step into their personal power. 


Are you looking for mentorship and neuro continuing education to improve your skills and help your patients achieve their goals? Check out the courses and programs offered to neuro PTs and OTs now!

Dr. Stephen Kanter has a vast resumé and is an avid NewGait Fitter at the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice where he is the Director of Rehab Services. Listen to him reflect on his vision for the NewGait. – “My dream is that many PT’s out there have the NewGait. Ultimately, I do believe getting it for a home based program is really what would make the biggest difference.”

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Healthcare

Research Collaborators

Pilot Study on NewGait
Effectiveness in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Faster Walking Speed

Participants increased their walking speed enough to characterize them as independent in activities of daily living.”

Improved Step Length

All 12 participants became more symmetrical in their gait, as specified by step length.”

Improved Step Length

Participants were able to walk faster with less effort.”

Get your free functional gait assessment Form

Use this form to track and monitor your patients’ progression. We incorporate several well known tests into one easy to use form: TUG, Single Leg Balance, 10 m Walk Test, Sit to Stand, and more. This convenient form can be used with or without the NewGait device.

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