Getting the Right Massage for Low Back Pain

Getting the Right Massage for Low Back Pain

Massage treatment has the potential to provide significant healing and pain reduction for a wide variety of lower back conditions. To be more specific, when the relevant muscle is addressed, the pain can be treated at its source, which results in faster and longer-lasting relief. This is the case for back pain caused by a strained muscle.

To get started:

  1. Place the individual who will be receiving the massage face down on a massage table, mat, or mattress. In order for the massage to be performed directly on the skin, the individual receiving the massage should either remove their shirt or wear something that is loose fitting and raises them over their lower back.
  2. The collarbone should be supported by a cushion, the forehead by a rolled towel, and the ankles by rolled towels as well. To prevent massage oil from soaking into the person’s clothing, cover their legs with a towel and tuck the towel inside the pant line.
  3. Rub some massage oil into your hands, and then use smooth strokes from your hands to apply the oil to the lower back of the individual receiving the massage.


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