How to Prevent and Reverse Contractures After A Stroke

How to Prevent and Reverse Contractures After A Stroke

Contractures that occur after a stroke can be prevented with proper post-stroke rehabilitation. Muscular rigidity and tightness on the affected side are characteristic indicators of contracture.

Causes of Contractures After a Stroke

Spasticity is a condition that causes the muscles to become rigid and tight owing to the stroke or brain injury, and contractures are the result of this condition.


If someone with spasticity does not receive the appropriate rehabilitation or is referred to physiotherapy, they will most likely develop contractures, which will cause the affected side of their body to show normal symptoms.

Rehabilitation after a stroke

Rehabilitation for contractures requires retraining the way in which the affected muscles respond as well as re-establishing the link between the brain and the affected muscles.


If the patient is sent to a physiotherapist early on, there is a good chance that the contracture can be reversed using the following rehabilitation techniques.


  • Stretching: Gentle stretching on the problematic area can assist in using a splint or a ball to prop your hand open. Stretching can also help prevent further injury. Your post-stroke spasticity can be managed with the use of certain exercises that can be taught to you by a physiotherapist.
  • Exercises to Enhance Range of Motion Doing exercises on a regular basis will assist in the circulation of blood around the muscles, provide relief from stiffness, and improve the range of motion.
  • Reversing contractures can be accomplished by the use of the massed practice, which triggers a process known as neuroplasticity, which rewires the brain. Patients who have suffered a stroke can restore their independence and competency with the help of neuroplasticity. Your physiotherapist can help you find exercises that can stimulate your neurons and bring about improvement in your condition. The idea behind the massed practice is that the more of these specific exercises you do, the more your brain will regain the ability to send the correct motor signals to your affected muscles, which will ultimately result in the contractures being reversed. This is the core of the massed practice method.


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